Accessing the Catalyst Data API on the Testnet 🚀

For developers that want to build a new product or service on top of the Catalyst APIs, it's important to know how those APIs behave and what kinds of data they expose.

This interactive frontend for the Catalyst Data API allows users to easily start building that understanding without worrying about writing queries or setting up environments:

From this dashboard, users can not only view all the APIs available on the Catalyst backend, but also query those APIs from the live Testnet to see what data is available to start using today.

To get started, simply...

  • Pick an endpoint

  • Review query parameters and response formats

  • Define inputs for your query

  • Select "Unstable Catalyst Testnet Environment"

  • Click send and receive actual API response

Do this to look at voting events, proposals, proposal details, and more!

You can also watch this for a detailed walkthrough on how to get started.

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