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Event Structure

Structure and timing of Testnet Voting Events
Voting events on the testnet will all follow a similar structure, and will occur roughly every 2-weeks.
Visit the Active Events page for information on current and upcoming participation opportunities. You can also review previously completed events on the Archived Events page.
See below for a summary of important milestones and actions to take during each phase of the event:
Users create wallet and submit registration transaction to testnet OR mainnet
Must register by Registration Close to be included in Voter Snapshot for the event
Users browse proposals and cast votes on their favorites
Must submit votes by Voting End to be included in the tally
Users audit the voting results and share feedback on their event experience
No deadline, but sooner the better!

Coming Soon

Testnet voting events give you a front-row seat to the future of Catalyst. As new frontend interfaces and backend capabilities are developed, you'll get to see them here first!
Future testnet voting events will introduce additional activities like proposal submission, community review, review moderation, and milestone submission / review.