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How to access the latest versions of Catalyst applications for participation in testnet voting events

Catalyst Mobile Application

To get started participating on the Catalyst Testnet, you'll need the latest beta version of the application.

Instructions will vary slightly based on whether you are an Android or iOS user:

Follow the instructions in the relevant guide linked above to get started with the beta app on your device. Be sure to check the release notes for details on the latest features to watch out for during your test drive!

Governance Voting Center

Alternatively, you may be interested in checking out the proof-of-concept voting web app - the Governance Voting Center. It includes experimental features like wallet connect and delegation. You can access it here.

To get started, watch this brief video overview of how to interact with the voting center on testnet.

For help installing and connecting the necessary wallet versions, see this video here.

Catalyst Voices

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