Android Users

Instructions for installing the latest test version of the Catalyst Mobile Application on your Android device.

  1. Start by uninstalling any existing versions of the Catalyst Mobile App on your device. This includes other test versions, as well as the official production version.

  2. Next, download the latest application version by clicking the APK download link on the Active Events page. Do not download / install file from any location besides the official link. Before clicking any links, double check that you are on the official website.

  3. Your device will not like that you are installing an application directly to your phone. Click download anyway. When you open the file, it will ask if you want to install. Again, please be sure that you are downloading only from a trusted source.

  4. After install, open the application to get started. Navigate to the Help & Support tab and double check that the Build Number matches the one needed for the testnet event.

  5. You are ready to participate in your testnet voting event! Refer to the Active Events page for important milestones, and be sure to take required action before each deadline.

  6. Have fun, and don't forget to Share Your Feedback!

  7. IMPORTANT! Be sure to uninstall the test version of the application once you are done participating. Failure to do so will cause issues with any other versions you attempt to install, impacting your ability to participate in either future test events OR actual live voting in Catalyst.

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