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What is Project Catalyst

Project Catalyst is the world’s largest decentralized innovation engine for solving real-world challenges.
Introducing Project Catalyst, Cardano's revolutionary innovation engine and one of the world's most significant decentralized grant funds. Project Catalyst propels collaborative innovation to new heights and fuels Cardano ecosystem expansion by connecting people with groundbreaking ideas to a funding source, collaborating with and voted for by the Cardano community, and spearheaded by the Cardano treasury.

Why Collaborate to Innovate?

Over the last ten funds, the Catalyst team has put great effort into creating a governance system that allows everyone to have their voice. But why do it? What advantages?
  • Distributed research and development. By empowering our community, we can build things better, faster, and cheaper than top-down organizations.
  • Decentralized team building. Great innovation comes from great teams. Many of our most impactful projects come from teams who met while becoming a part of Project Catalyst.
  • Group refinement and execution. We see a significant improvement in the quality of proposals after the community weighs in with their constructive criticism.

How Does Project Catalyst Work?

  • Innovation - Each participant responds to community-generated challenges with their ideas during this phase. Brainstorming leads to conceptualization, community feedback, and then finalized proposals.
  • Governance - Participants register to vote on the proposals they wish to see funded. A tally occurs once the voting period ends before verifiable results are shared.
  • Execution - Selected projects receive funding upon completion of milestones. They are given guidance and mentorship to deliver on their proposals, and regular reports are made to the community to ensure everything goes according to plan.

How Can I Participate?

  • Proposers - Propose new ideas for a shot at winning funding
  • Community Reviewers - Provide opinions and help guide voters through submitted proposals.
  • Challenge Teams - Maximize impact by framing problems and defining success
  • Voters - Decide on the future of Cardano by deciding which proposals receive funding