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What is the Project Catalyst TestNet?

Blockchain technology revolutionizes how we interact, transact, and collaborate in various domains. However, developing and deploying blockchain applications is a challenging task. It requires careful testing, debugging, and optimization to ensure security, scalability, and usability. This is where testnets come in handy.
A testnet replicates the mainnet, the live network, where the actual transactions occur. A testnet allows developers and other users to experiment with trialing new features without risking real funds or compromising the mainnet's performance. A testnet also enables users to provide feedback, report bugs, and suggest improvements before launching new features on the mainnet.
Our solution to enhance the stability, capabilities, and performance of Project Catalyst is to simultaneously operate multiple testnet instances of Project Catalyst along with the mainnet, and we are in the first stages of release. You can access the testnet via the following URL: This blog will review the testnet, why we believe it to be essential to Project Catalyst, and how to be informed when further documentation on accessing and using the Catalyst testnet is released...
Read the full blog post introducing the Testnet here.